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If you believe that the problem will require a Virtuozzo Engineer to login to your server via shell (telnet/ssh/RDP access), enter this data. Before we can login to your server we will require you to agree with Virtuozzo's Server Permission Policy. This will give us permission to login to your server and perform repairs. Issue Resolution Time is normally less for cases where customer permitted Support to access the server. For security reasons we strongly advise that you change your passwords when submitting them to our support team. After the problem is resolved, you can then reinstate your regular passwords. Virtuozzo Technical Staff does not retain your login information. Alternatively, on Linux servers, you can avoid disclosing passwords by installing our public SSH keys (RSA, DSA) into list of authorized keys. Keys may be removed after conclusion of support incident.

Access restrictions on servers

NOTE: If remote access to the server is limited (e.g. by firewall rules or other means), please make sure that remote connections are allowed from Virtuozzo Support IP addresses, as described in this article: (,

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Ticket ID and e-mail address verification

In order to avoid appending credentials to a wrong request, the supplied email address is to be among the list of recipients of the initial (first) correspondence. Please recheck conversation history if the entered request ID and the email address failed to pass the check.

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Legend: allow; confirm; disallow.
defineallowconfirmdisallow rebooting a hardware node
defineallowconfirmdisallow restarting a virtual environment
defineallowconfirmdisallow restarting services
defineallowdisallow creating test accounts or virtual environments
defineallowdisallow installing additional tools needed for investigation
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